dimanche 2 septembre 2012


I let you with a little game: Try to guess wich picture as not been taken in Iceland.

Aaaaand if you want more, go to see the wonderful pictures of my uncle Patrick Dieudonne
Hehe. Wanna be there yet!

AND also some nice musik that I discovered this days.

*The favourite album of M83 for road trips: Music for 18 musicians by Steve Reich

Some Icelandic groups, coz' like all the nordic countries, they ROCK in music

 : FM Belfast : underwear
Pascal pinon : vandamal ulfsin
Lay low : by and by
Feldberg  Farewell
Hjaltalin : suitcase man (the singer looks like thor)
Svavar Knutur : fra lidnu vori
Seabear : I sing I swim
The whale watching tour
Olof arnalds : Klara
Mugison : Murr murr